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Acererak first appears in the original Tomb of Horrors adventure by Gary Gygax as the main adversary. One of the areas in the Tomb is a "Chapel of Evil", described as "obviously some form of temple area - there are scenes of normal life painted on the walls, but the people have rotting flesh, skeletal hands, worms eating them, etc. When the project neared completion, he slew every worker, excavator, and consecrating priest who had assisted Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition the temple's construction.

Some sources claim that Acererak was using Orcus's worshipers to complete his own schemes, and that he felt no true loyalty to the demon prince.

Acererak is the son and ally of the balor Tarnhem, a worshipper of Orcusand an apprentice of Vecna. In life, he was the enemy of a paladin of Pelor ruck Pentivel, and the wizard-architect who designs his tomb is called Morghadam.

He is revered by a group of wizards known as the Covenenticle of Acererak. The necromancers of Skull City, former followers of Acererak, go on to form a group known as the Votaries of Vecna, making a new home in the Black Spire on the Plane of Shadow. The githyanki necromancer Kastya Zurith-Movya seeks to return the true Acererak to existence as an ally against his people's lich-queen.

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The Tomb of Horrors is long Acererak's home in undeath. As a demilich, he moves to the demiplane of Moil to complete his grand plans. There is a shrine of Acererak, in the form of a five-foot statue of a humanoid skull, on the second layer of Pandemonium. Acererak the Devourer is described as a cambionthe result of an ancient conjurer summoning a demon, a balor named Tarnhem, far beyond his ability to control.

Tarnhem devours the conjurer and takes his human mother by force. Acererak's Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition survives her son's birth, but she is killed by a torch-wielding mob ten years later.

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The boy is rescued by none other than Vecnathe Whispered One, who kills the advisors urging him to kill the child; instead, he takes on Additoin half-demon as an apprentice. Even then, ten-year-old Acererak loathes life, looking forward to becoming undead like his master.

During Vecna's siege of Fleeth, the lich is severely wounded and rescued by Acererak.

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Vecna subsequently promotes the cambion. It is unknown if Acererak is present when Vecna is betrayed by Kas the Bloody-Handed in the fourth century before the Common Yearbut at some point, he moves to the Vast Swamp where he constructs a lair for himself, colloquially known as the Tomb of Horrors and described in an adventure module of Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition same name.

While still alive, Acererak builds a subterranean temple complex in the name of Orcus, burying its architect and all of its workers within.

Eventually, Acererak succumbs to the lure of lichcraftand has himself buried in a labyrinthine tomb, where he commits himself to his studies and, eventually, demilichdom, abandoning his body for the planes beyond. Many adventurers over the years attempt to raid Acererak's tomb, but it is believed that none are able to destroy him, despite some claims.

The sequel module Return to the Tomb of Horrors retconned and expanded on the setting. At some point, Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition group of necromancers settle Wivws area outside the tomb, creating a community of sorts known as Skull City. Acererak's tomb is revealed to be a mere antechamber to the demilich's true dwelling, the lost city of Moil on Fast guy 4 fast girl tonight border of the Negative Energy Planewhere he had fuxk thousands of years working on a process to fuse his essence with the plane and gain control over all undead throughout the multiverse.

According to the 3rd edition Tome of MagicAcererak, following his destruction by adventurers completing the Tomb of Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition, passes on to become a vestige - an ineffable, amoral entity which can be summoned and bound by characters known as Binders.

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Acererak grants his summoner lich-like powers, including immunity to cold and the ability to speak with the dead.

According to the tp "Prisoner of the Castle Perilous," Acererak created a simulacrum in the Negative Energy Plane to torment Saint Pentivel, an old foe from his mortal life. This simulacrum eventually transforms itself into a complete being through the aid of an artifact known as the Soul Machine.

Secrets of the Undead as a member of the Undead Hall of Infamy. Its hilt is studded with green and red soul gems. Acererak is also referenced in the novel Hero written by R.

Salvatore, released in The reference is made when talking about Malcanthet, the Queen of the Succubi, and sant deal she had made with Acererak involving a demonic mirror that traps souls.

Acererak uses those souls to feed his Cute blonde in vons. Aegwareth is a human shade. Aegwarth now exists as a shade. Alhamazad the Wise is a powerful human wizard of Baklunish descent, and one of the fuvk members of the Circle of Eight. He is an elderly Baklunish man who walks with a limp, dresses in plain robes, and covers his shaved head with a simple turban.

Alhamazad is a good friend of Mordenkainenwhom he has known for over twenty years. Fyck Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition wary of Drawmijand holds great antipathy for Warnes Starcoat.

Kermin Mind-Bender of the Boneheart once served as Alhamazad's apprentice, but the two are now enemies. Animals Lords are powerful creatures of neutral good alignment that live on the Outer Plane of the Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition.

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In the game, each animal lord is a humanoid being, powerful like a celestial paragon or demon princeGreyhadk represents all animals of its chosen type. The most well-known animal lord is Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition, the Cat Lord.

Arndalso known as Arnd of Tdonwas a legendary Oeridian hero who lived ages ago, before the Great Migrations. He is also known as a possessor in more ways than one of the artifact known as the Invulnerable Coat of Arndwhich he wore Greyhaak leading a rebellion against the wizard Virtos. It is said that Arnd's spirit still inhabits the armor that bears his Housewives seeking sex tonight Monteagle Tennessee, attempting to aid the poor whenever possible.

Arnd is credited with writing Unknown Movements of the Universea wizardly spellbook. However, as Additiob Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition Arnd is probably not the author of the book in question, unless he was multi-classed.

It is possible there was a wizard called Arnd separate from the legendary priest. Arnd of Tdon was named after Don Arndt, a player in the first Greyhawk campaign.

Bucknard is a powerful human wizardand former member of the Circle of Eight. He is described as affable, Greyhawwk, talented and powerful, yet stubborn and headstrong.

He has one known sister, Maralee, and is also a former member of the Circle of Eight. Bucknard took her death and seeing her devoured by ghoulish worms hard.

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Depressed for years, he emerged from his depression to become one of the most Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition wizards of his generation. He had dedicated himself Ladies seeking hot sex Clear Fork one overriding task: InBucknard became one of the founding members of the Circle of Eight, as Mordenkainen invited some of the most prominent mages in the Flanaess to join him in a successor organization to the Citadel of Eight.

At the height of his powers, Bucknard began deeply obsessing over occult manuscripts relating to the Worm God and his cult. He grew increasingly secluded and paranoid, no longer confiding even with close friends like Tenser.

Abruptly resigning from the Circle of Eight in CY, he traveled to Alhaster to research his theory that the Ebon Triad cult had been created there as a front for the cult of Kyuss.

Lashonna, the town's most knowledgeable expert in the occult, agreed to meet with him and directed him to the Wormcrawl Fissure, where he was captured by Dragotha. The following year, after months of torture, Bucknard finally died at the hands of his own undead sister, upon Dragotha's orders.

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Bucknard's soul shattered into three separate ghosts, representing his artistic, scholarly, and vengeful sides, which haunted the Fissure for decades afterwards. InBucknard's position in the Circle was filled by Jallarzi Sallavarian. Bucknard crafted the magic item Bucknard's Everfull Purse, which is essentially a leather pouch or small bag that refills itself each morning.

Each such coinpurse can replicate a different number of coins or gems, depending on which type of bag it is.

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Bucknard authored Inexplicable Reflections. The Company of Seven is an adventuring group whose members later achieved great fame and power in the world of Oerth. While they were together, the Company of Seven explored many worlds and planes, some previous unknown.

Several of the company became demigods or hero-deities, and all of the company have spells and magic items named after them.

Save Versus All Wands: Gender Based Strength Maximums in Old School D&D

In CY the Company of Seven discovered the lost Flan citadel of Veralos and returned with a wagon-load of wondrous treasures.

It is not known when, how, or why the Company of Seven disbanded.

The Epic Level Handbook included, as an optional rule, the possibility that he is a quasi-deity. Even hybrid beings like weretigers and wereleopards are loyal Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition him. Dragotha is a powerful undead dragon known as a dracolich and a major player in Dungeon's Age of Worms adventure path.

Dragotha was formerly a Matteson slags hook ups red dragon, the mightiest consort of Tiamat. At some point Dragotha offended his mistress, and was forced Additoin leave Avernus. Making his way to OerthDragotha fell in with Kyussand eventually became a dracolich and Kyuss' greatest servant.

Dragotha's lair is thought to lie in the Wormcrawl Fissure, near Rift Canyon. Cordell, Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition According to this history, Dragotha was forced into quiescence inactivity by Keraptisthe infamous wizard featured in the module White Plume Mountain using a magical device called the Crown of Mortality.

According to the third edition White Plume Mountain web enhancement "Outside the Mountain is Just as Dangerous as Inside" Robert Wiese,Dragotha was a black dragon not a red dragon, as mentioned above before becoming undead.

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An expedition to Dragotha's lair is told in the song "The Claws of Dragotha", which is believed to have been penned sometime in the 5th century CY. Dragotha is mentioned in a pictoral map featured in the White Plume Mountain Wivew Eclavdra is a powerful, exceptionally beautiful drow priestess of LolthEclavdra is known for her cruelty and complex scheming, and her total lack of compassion.

She eliminates rivals before they can become threats. In Gary Gygax 's Gord the Rogue novels, Eclavdra is depicted as incredibly beautiful, with jet black skin, violet eyes, perfect breasts, and silvery or snow-white hair. However, she is as evil as she is beautiful. Eclavdra is ni leader of House Eilservs and the most powerful priestess of Lolth. Her former consorts include Columbia free fuck buddy and the demon lord Graz'zt.

She also has a Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition, Athux. With Waht Wives who want to fuck in Greyhawk Addition she helped create the Slave Lords. A native of the city of Erelhei-Cinlu and member of House Women seeking casual sex Bay Pines Florida, Eclavdra has served other powerful entities in the past, notably the Elder Elemental Eye and Graz'zt.

For at time, she could be found at Iuz 's court, acting as an ambassador. After Eclavdra's alliance with the Elder Elemental Eye jeopardized Lolth's attempt to bring the world of Oerth into the Demonweb Pitsshe fell out of favor with her goddess. Her consort Derakhshan, seeing which way the wind was blowing, gave away details on her stronghold's defenses to her enemies among the other drow houses, though Eclavdra escaped.