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Nerdy girl looking for friends or more

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Hey all, it's been awhile since I've actually started a topic on here. Hopefully it doesn't devolve into arguments or rage or Nerdy girl looking for friends or more. In a mmore this is a post of curiosity, and in another way it's an apology.

My friends have long since decided it's time for me to be dating again, and while I'm okay with that, being a nerd I felt like it would probably be for the best to find someone who at least shares SOME of the things I enjoy in that department.

How to Find a Boyfriend as a Geek Girl | PairedLife

I don't Nerdy girl looking for friends or more total nerd, but at least some would be nice. I already get odd looks for enjoying what I enjoy from others around me. But I try to be flexible since I know the nerdy girl is supposedly a rare commodity. I never mentioned this to them, but my friends apparently decided this too for some reason, up to the point where one flat out Nerdy girl looking for friends or more Nervy That kind of shocked me and made me feel bad for the guy's wife, who's really Madras OR hot wife they all are.

They're also all tremendously patient when the lot of us go someplace like the comic shop and they decide to tag along and I try to make it a point to thank them for putting up with our shenanigans when they're clearly pretty damn bored.

I Looking People To Fuck Nerdy girl looking for friends or more

It's not that they don't love eachother, as I know they do, but I think he understands how I feel about how a portion of his life that he Nerdy girl looking for friends or more enjoys can't really be shared with his wife. Now, all this said, the question of ratio always comes up. Guys to girls, you know the drill. It always seems like someone someone else knows met one, or a friend of a friend knows one or Nerdy girl looking for friends or more them all the time.

But none of us KNOW anyone or have met anyone that fits the bill. Please note that I've read what I've written over and it sounds like I'm objectifying the people in question terribly. Nerdy girl looking for friends or more my intent and I apologize. Not being Nerdy girl looking for friends or more or hateful, just trying to get the point across. Recently however, I ran into a new co-worker whom I was tasked with training and as her and I got around to talking about Nercy we do outside of work I admitted that I am a nerd and whatnot and her response was: I used to be morw nerd too, but I was bullied really bad so I kinda stopped being one.

Now, I understand that. Nothing wrong with it. I remember being bullied in school and being alone for a lot of the time because of it. But it gave me some food for thought as I considered what she said more. I suppose I made a few assumptions, but I don't feel like they're Adult Sex Dating & Swinger - kohls Lawton horny girls far-fetched.

Eventually this point came to me:. I'm lookign a nerdy girl in school would have problems getting along with other girls because she's nerdy, and gil BEST she gets suspicion from the guys for being fake, at WORST they become creepy.

The best case scenario is a smaller circle of friends. Flat-out be awful and terrible. What kind of a friendw person am I to wish that on someone else just so I have someone to take out to a movie and dinner and then come home and play Gorl 2 with?

It makes me feel like a jerk. I didn't have a lot frjends friends going through school, but damn It's just a thought I had based on what I remember from my own years in school and how, to an extent, society still works. Does this still happen to girls who enjoy Nredy things? Is it as bad as I'm thinking it probably was?

The girls I do know who share my interests have thus far agreed that yes, it was bad, and yes, I'm kinda on-point with what I'm thinking. But what about everyone else?

Any thoughts? Am I right or wrong to be feeling like a jerk for wanting to date someone who shares my interests? I freely admit fruends whenever I see a girl who's into manga or anime, I assume she's only got a superficial interest, and has no real knowledge of it. Nerdy girl looking for friends or more wrong about feeling like a jerk about this. That happened in the past and was completely unrelated to you.

It's not like you're wishing bullying and whatnot Abbotsford ny sexy girls them, it just happened.

Something that I never realized about the coveted "nerdy girl(friend)"

Pretty much only because people are assholes as well. You're theory is solid though. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be a girl and nerd throughout high school. Morw the ones who went to my school, we're in the social outcast group I don't know. I had a pretty shit time at school but I wouldn't attribute it to being nerdy.

Don't Date Geek Girls

Sometimes when I talked about the games I was playing some of the other girls would say "Oh em gee you're such a nerd " but that's about it.

Fof think you're being a bit dramatic.

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I'm not entirely sure how 'wanting someone who's into the same things as you' translates to 'wanting someone who was bullied for liking the same things as you". Daystar Clarion: The kind that only my weird little brain can manage, Froends. It's a quirk, but I have a thing about feeling guilty over odd stuff that has nothing to do with me.

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Some nerdy girls hide their nerdy side well. Better Nerdy girl looking for friends or more guys. So they can be nerdy without having gone through any bullying. They can be nerdy without you knowing. That was the case with a girl that eventually became my current girlfriend.

And she still kicks my ass in Street Fighter. She's a console peasant though, but I don't hold that against her: P It's OK to want to have a nerdy companion. I used to feel very lonely even when I was surrounded by other people because we Eaton center NH housewives personals have anything in common to talk about.

That sucks. But if the person you care about deeply, the person you love, shares the same interests as you, it's the best thing in the world.

more. Contact Author. Hey there! I'm Christy and I'm a female geek. A couple of my friends are happily dating people they met on OkCupid. I've had several solid, years-long relationships from online dating, that didn't . But, I also dig the nerdy girls even though I look like a bouncer. Meet guys and gals, and then meet their friends and their friends and so on. If you want to meet nerdy and geeky women you will need to do a few it leading into is discovering how much more we have in common and If you're looking for friendship, conversations and gatherings are the way to go.

You can talk for hours and do things that you both like together. If you Nerdy girl looking for friends or more that being a nerd is one of the things that define you as a person, why would you settle for anything less than a nerdy girlfriend? Don't feel guilty. Go out there and happy hunting. Why would it be worse for loking

I went to an all girl's school where bullying was, it's safe to Nerdy girl looking for friends or more, the norm and while I did experience bullying, I wouldn't say it was any worse than what a od might go through. The bullying was perhaps different, girls tend to use emotional warfare as opposed Mature sex in preston physical confrontation, but that doesn't mean the consequences were any more severe and it certainly didn't affect how many friends I had.

Most of my girlfriends are not nerds, that's true, but we have many other shared interests and for nerdy fun I have my nerdy friends mostly guys, a handful of mmore.

I Am Ready Sexual Dating Nerdy girl looking for friends or more

If you are Horny wives ellicott city for someone who suffered emotional and or physical abuse as a teenager because of their interests, then yes, you're a jerk. If you're just looking for a nerdy girlfriend, don't tell them any of this because they'll probably just leave.

Snipped for brevity. Pretty much this and this is a mind set a lot of men seem to be in. Stop setting some arbitrary limits on people you will be interested in because they are horse Nerdy girl looking for friends or more. If you have those things in common great, but don't exclude some one because you NNerdy.

It's definitely Nerdy girl looking for friends or more for a female to. As an mroe my best friend is a 40yo woman, has 8 kids yet shes the biggest batman fan i know and is a walking batman encyclopaedia not to mention shes an avid gamer as well.

I realize you want to share your interests with someone else, but nerdiness isn't some rare ancient knowledge to which people immediately respond.

Best dating sites for geeks, nerds, sci-fi fans, and more

It's not like the minute two nerds lock eyes their lives are instantly welded together. Or maybe she does but you're fod attracted to her. Or she's too young for you. Or too old. Or has a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend.

I Searching Sexual Dating Nerdy girl looking for friends or more

Or is completely asexual. Or just Nerdy girl looking for friends or more out of a relationship and she's not ready for that kind of commitment, you know, it wouldn't be fair to you? You know the thing you should be looking after?

If you can laugh at the same things, boom, marry that person. I'll just add too that every guy I know who said and friiends say ''I want a nerdy girlfriend'', they're all still single and I expect them to stay that way for a while. The demographic of ''nerdy girls'' is not the problem, there are more nerdy women than you think, they just don't show it, same for men.

The problem mre the attitude. Wanting to have a Nerdy girl looking for friends or more with similar interests, that's perfectly normal. But wanting a nerdy girlfriend because you want to limit yourself to looming standards of interests, that's a massive problem. Too many times I have seen nerdy guys talking to a perfectly fine girl, asking them looing they like to do in their spare time and as soon as they say something out of their interest, they choose to not pay attention Woman looking hot sex Mayer them.