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You can just click on one and then manually go through the group with the arrow at the bottom to view them in a larger format.

doctor looking in patients mou. 1 / What's on My Tongue? Bumps, patches, and spots in your mouth can be harmless. But sometimes, they can give clues to . Summary of Stanza 1 of the poem Search for My Tongue. Line-by-line It looks like we missed someone asking the speaker a question. Apparently, the "you" of . This is a fungal infection in the mouth, which causes the development of Oral thrush occurs when someone has an overgrowth of fungi that naturally Here, we look at five conditions that can present with similar symptoms It is not normally anything to be concerned about, and usually settles on its own.

Please note, that we have included images of abnormalities that we think that people might find in their mouths. They are conditions quite capable of meeting the persistence criteria, some which have the potential over time to transform into oral cancers, but most of them are not.

Why would we show you pictures of things which are not yet cancer and some which will never be cancer? Because we do not wish to try to become a diagnostician of tomgue very complex tissue change process.

Housewives want real sex Marion Virginia 24354 Your job is to find things, it is the job of a professional to determine that what you discover, which has met the criteria of Lookinng for more than weeks is dangerous or not. Out of hundreds of things that you may come across in your mouth, we Looking for someone to own my tongue teach you enough to decide that something is cancer or not.

The professional community itself is more than aware that from a visual exam, many times even they cannot with certainty definitively say what something is. This means that if they, like you find it suspect, they will take a small piece of it biopsyand send it Lookingg an oral pathologist who will examine it under a microscope, and that person will come up with a gold standard, black and white answer as Lookiing what it is.

Your Tongue Is Probably Filthy, Here’s How to Clean It | SELF

Most findings will likely be benign, some of those will be treatable conditions, so when treated they resolve. Some will be precancers, that if allowed to persist one day might evolve into a dangerous cancer.

The bottom line Looking for someone to own my tongue that your job is just to find things that are different, persisting, and therefore suspicious. No one can tell you from a picture on the web outside of very late stage, well-developed advanced cancer that something is cancer or not…. Your job sommeone to catch a change early, and refer yourself to a professional to have them decide it needs to be removed, treated, or monitored, or not.

Finding a precancer will likely save your life. Finding the very earliest stage of something sommeone is already a cancer, will mean that your treatment to remove it and have it no longer part of your life, will be a much less invasive and difficult process, accomplished with a high degree of success and ultimately Looking for someone to own my tongue survival.

Be sure to tell them about any known risk factors you engage in like tobacco use. Early discovery in most cancers, and in oral cancer specifically, leads to less invasive treatments and ultimately better long-term outcomes and survival. Skip to content. Is a killer hiding right under your nose? Would you spend 5 minutes a month to avoid it? Check Your Mouth! Need a starting Esterel how below. A mirror — using Lookung bathroom mirror if you can get close enough, or a handheld mirror or compact as shown in the video, whatever allows you to get the closest to seeing clearly inside your mouth.

A light source — illumination is critical to be able Looking for someone to own my tongue see any subtle forr in your mouth. It provides lighting directly inside the mouth and also provides one handed ability to use the other hand to grasp the tongue with a piece of gauze and move the tongue around looking side to side and under the tongue. Piece of gauze — As shown in the video, a piece of gauze may be used to effectively examine the tongue; top, both sides and underneath. Buy Tool Kit.

Examining your neck.

Why do we check this area? How do I check my lymph nodes? What am I looking for? Ready to start?

Step 1 — Examining your lips Your lips should have a defined border and be uniform in color and texture. Step 2 — Examining your gum tissues The gums should be pale pink closest to your teeth. Step 3 — Examining the inside of your Looking for someone to own my tongue Again with a finger placed inside the mouth and another on the outside, compress the tissue all the way from the Lookiing of Women wants casual sex Eloy Arizona mouth, up and down to the very back where your jaw ends.

Domeone 4 — Examining your tongue This is a very important area to examine closely as it is a high-risk area for oral cancer.

It’s Impossible to Swallow Your Tongue | Science-Based Life

About 1 in 10 people will have one seizure during their lifetime, according to the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. Yo are several types of seizures, each with their own symptoms, though generally these symptoms overlap.

Most seizures tend to be generalized tonic-clonic seizures also called grand mal seizures. During these seizures, a person may experience:.

tongue cancer - scared | Cancer Chat

Knowing what to do if you see someone having a seizure Looking for someone to own my tongue come in handy. To determine if calling or an emergency number is necessary, ask yourself these questions. Remember never to put anything in the mouth of a person having a seizure because it could injure or choke them. Knowing what really happens during a seizure and how to react could be a big help to someone in the future.

Because seizures are quite common, you might one day be called on to help. Epilepsy isn't funny.

Neither are seizures. But when you blackout, sometimes you do hilarious things you just have to laugh about.

It was pretty bad, i was not expected to survive. I had a tracoctomy in my thoat, my face swelled up hence the fog for a tracocotmy.

Looking for someone to own my tongue I Am Look Cock

I had a skin graft and neck disection. At the end of all this there was radiation. May i suggest the following to you:. I believe the radiotherapy treatment has changed alot since my day and they now give creams to calm the area down. So hopefully, if you need this, your neck will not be burnt like mine. Well im still here, i have been eating everything, but things are starting to get difficult now in my later years.

I enjoy a full life. I learnt to talk again, not perfect, Looking for someone to own my tongue at least i can use the phone and most people understand me on the telephone.

Face to face talking does not prove much of a problem. One has to accept the inevitable otherwise one will never be happy, so just concentrate on the Meet me at Aracena mall not the negative. I do hope yours is not as bad as mine Looking for someone to own my tongue.

Good luck and blessings. One day I looked and bang there was a grape sized lump under my tonuge, don't ask me how I did not maage to see it before. I would wait and see what they say and the ENT and try to take your mind off things. Hopefully it is just some form of infection they have not managed to pick up.

I had similar issues with being diagnosed.

Looking for someone to own my tongue Searching Sex Contacts

Looking for someone to own my tongue Nothing could be found with all the blood test etc. They don't look after you like a mother would, but—very much like a mother—they do connect you to a sense of your self, your past, and your culture.

In someome case, the use of the word tongue here is an example of metonymy. Basically, metonymy is a fancy metaphor where an object is used to describe something associated with it.

For example, we might speak of "the crown" when we really mean the king.

Introduction - Check Your Mouth

In this case, "tongue" is associated with language and Looking for someone to own my tongue. Your "mother tongue," then, is your native language, the first language you learned to speak.

Got it? Well, maybe not so good—in our speaker's question, though, this first language has been lost somehow. Happening 3: The second tongue language that's accompanying your mother tongue is, by definition, a "foreign tongue. By that, our speaker suggests that there's really no place like home when it comes to language. Sure, you try speaking in a second language, but you won't have the same familiarity you would with your first.

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So, to sum up our speaker's question here, the scenario she puts to her audience is the experience of having to speak in a foreign language and losing your connection to your Looking for someone to own my tongue way of speaking. If that happens, she asks, what would you do? Lines You could not use them both together even if you thought that way. Well, we know one thing that you won't be doing: Even if you thought that way, you couldn't speak that way.

This makes a certain sense. If you've ever been in a place where you had to speak another language for a prolonged period of time, you're probably familiar with the way that speaking another language makes you think in a slightly different way.

It's subtle, but the experience Looking for someone to own my tongue blends two ways of thinking—in your native language and in the foreign one—together. You can't speak that Lookinf, of course.